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of the teeth

Crowding of the teeth is that state of teeth with insufficient space for all the teeth to be aligned and this will result in crowded teeth, sometimes almost one above the other. Generally it is caused by genetics (ex., a relatively small jaw, or relatively large teeth) or by habits such as nail biting and thumb sucking.

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Open bite is an oral condition that occurs when certain teeth, usually your front teeth, do not make contact with each other so there is always space between the teeth. Genetics can create a situation where the upper and lower jaws are unaligned. Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are habits that can have an effect on the development of open bite.

Many individuals with moderate to extreme open bite require surgery to correct their jaw. In addition, they need braces before and after the surgery to achieve proper alignment.

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Deep bite means that upper and lower frontal teeth are overlapped more than average. Sometimes lower teeth can even touch the roof of the mouth.

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Cross Bite

In most instances, this means that one set of your teeth will either fall inside or outside of the opposing set. For example, your upper teeth may sit inside of the lower teeth when the jaw is closed. Two of the biggest causes of crossbite are heredity and delayed loss of baby teeth. Both of these situations could cause the teeth to be out of the proper position.

Children are often easier to treat because their teeth are still in the process of developing. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to align the jaws.

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Missing of one or more teeth is perhaps our most common congenital malformation. Missing teeth is one of the most common developmental problems in children. More than 30 % of us lack one or more wisdom teeth (third molars). More than five percent of us lack one or more second premolars or upper second (lateral) incisors. Lack of a large amount of teeth, though, is much more rare.

The deficit is more delicate if exists in the frontal area, and can be solved also with bridges or with implants. Sometimes the canines can fill in the space of lateral incisors. Orthodontic appliances are the choice for opening or closing the space in this case.

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of teeth

When there Is a discrepancy between teeth size and the jaws , spaces will be present. This can be solved with fixed appliances.

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front teeth

It is characterized by a situation where usually the upper teeth extend too far forward whereas the lower teeth are in place or more often retruded, which deepens even more this discrepancy. It is accompanied with lip incompetence, or a state in which lips don’t seal.

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